About the Knoll

So who's who at The Knoll

Jen Meads set the business up almost 17 years ago. Before that, she worked as a training consultant in London. Jen’s background was in catering and hospitality and she’s always had a passion for food and the Lakes. The Knoll was the perfect combination! Jen is also the Chef in between all the other spinning plates!

Mo McKernan works alongside Jen in developing menus and new food concepts. She also chefs and knocks out a mean fried egg!!!

Denise Hyde manages front of House with Jen and housekeeping with Karen. Denise’s background has also been in the hospitality industry before coming to the Knoll to work with big sister Jen. Denise’s after dinner chat and humour here is legendry.

Cheryl Bell is our weekday superstar assisting Jen at breakfast with her cheery smile serving guests at breakfast and working with Karen in housekeeping. She is also an amazing curtain and soft furnishing maker. A very lucky find for us!

Karen Robb is our part time housekeeper and manages to keep us all in order. Her dry wit and local knowledge is a fearsome combination. She does a mean hospital corner.

In our casual team, we have the lovely Alison Deeley who in between helping us with decorating and maintenance, helps at busy times and holidays in front of house and housekeeping. Our holiday cover cook, Helen Snowball is a fantastic part of our casual team who cooks a mean breakfast.

In addition to our main team, we have a number of wonderful people who are often in and around the Knoll helping and supporting our efforts.

We closed our doors here at The Knoll finally on 7th December 2021 and said goodbye to this cherished home.  

It has been a place of love, laughter and sanctuary and I have been privileged to have been its custodian for almost 21 years - a third of my life.  It’s been incredibly hard to let go as it has been more than a job and more than a home. Thank you for supporting it and me through either being amazing guests or treasured friends - in many cases both.  I particularly want to thank my wonderful team  - Cheryl Munster, Karen Robb Bellman, Helen Snowball-Brand, Ali Deeley.   But of course, The Knoll would be nothing without my fabulous sister Denise Hyde and my truly incredible partner Mosy Mac.  I’m so proud of what we did here.  The love and genuine care we afforded every single person who walked through our doors over the years has been what made us special. We have offered a port in a storm for some, a place to enjoy the Lakes for others and in the middle of this, a home for me and my nearest and dearest.  This beautiful building has been handed on with love to its lovely new family.  

We wish you all well in the future and again, thank you for supporting this wonderful place.  Should you want to keep in touch,  we still have the Knoll email address.

Warmest wishes and love always,