Not ours to keep but ours to look after...

During the Autumn of 2002 we became a member of the Tourism and Conservation Partnership which evolved to Nurture Lakeland and has recently changed to The Lake District Foundation, an organisation dedicated to funding conservation through tourism.

Established in 1993 this organisation created a direct link which connects visitors, the tourism industry and other businesses with the conservation organisations that maintain the landscape and manage the impact of visitor pressure.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to help raise funding towards various conservation schemes through a voluntary donation scheme with our guests.

Over the past 17 years we have raised money to improve footpaths and red squirrel conservation to name just two of the projects funded by this organisation through visitor donations.

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We closed our doors here at The Knoll finally on 7th December 2021 and said goodbye to this cherished home.  

It has been a place of love, laughter and sanctuary and I have been privileged to have been its custodian for almost 21 years - a third of my life.  It’s been incredibly hard to let go as it has been more than a job and more than a home. Thank you for supporting it and me through either being amazing guests or treasured friends - in many cases both.  I particularly want to thank my wonderful team  - Cheryl Munster, Karen Robb Bellman, Helen Snowball-Brand, Ali Deeley.   But of course, The Knoll would be nothing without my fabulous sister Denise Hyde and my truly incredible partner Mosy Mac.  I’m so proud of what we did here.  The love and genuine care we afforded every single person who walked through our doors over the years has been what made us special. We have offered a port in a storm for some, a place to enjoy the Lakes for others and in the middle of this, a home for me and my nearest and dearest.  This beautiful building has been handed on with love to its lovely new family.  

We wish you all well in the future and again, thank you for supporting this wonderful place.  Should you want to keep in touch,  we still have the Knoll email address.

Warmest wishes and love always,