Covid Statement

Covid Statement

The health and safety of our guests and our team are extremely important to us. Please take a moment to find out how we are providing a safe environment for your stay with us.

Please note: all our COVID-19 policies are based on current UK government guidelines and are being constantly reviewed based on the latest advice. With that in mind, some of the information you receive at the time of booking may be out of date by the time you stay at the hotel. We will adjust these policies as required and issue new updates through our TouchStay app.

We are now taking bookings as we will be opening from 4th July 2020.   We are taking bookings on a 2-night minimum stay (3 nights min in the Retreat).  We will honour any 1-night stays that have already been booked prior to the shutdown in March.

We have changed our check-in time to 3.00pm at the earliest.  Depending on the cleaning levels required, this may extend to 4pm.  This is important so we can complete the extra cleaning that will be required maintain high levels of santisation.

Working together as a team, we work hard to take all appropriate COVID-19 measures to reduce the risks for our staff, guests, and visitors throughout The Knoll.To do this, we have completed a risk assessment that identifies the possible risks and controls needed to reduce those risks. The result of this Risk Assessment is that we have invested in various types of equipment and implemented a number of procedures throughout our hotel to reduce the risk of infection and demonstrate to you that we offer a safe and secure environment.

Our overall aim is to make sure our guests, staff and any contractors invited to our hotel are all kept safe and well.

Team Training

Our team have been trained to understand the importance of infection control and safe practices needed to ensure this is undertaken.

Hotel Cleanliness

We have been working with one of our key suppliers to ensure we are using the most effective products for cleaning and sanitising the premises.  The chemicals we are using also nontoxic therefore keeping it green!

We will be cleaning and sanitising on a regular basis, throughout the day in public areas and high “touchpoints” such as doors and bannisters.


We will be operating a fully flexible cancellation/postponement policy.  If your stay has to be cancelled due to changes in Government legislation due to Coronavirus, we will move your reservation to a date in the future.  Ideally 2021 or the first half of 2022.

For July through to the end of September 2020 we have set our booking system to take reservations on a minimum of 2 nights.  However, if you have a 1-night stay already booked we will honour it.  For new bookings, our minimum stay will now be 2 nights.


We are asking you to park in marked bays considerately as there are only enough bays for 8 cars as we have 8 guest rooms.  If you require luggage assistance, please let us know and we can take the luggage up for you.


Will be from 3pm, allowing housekeepers extra time to complete their duties


Before entering the house, you will find a sanitising point on the right-hand side of the door, this must be used prior to being checked in.

If you or anyone in your party are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 we would ask you not to come to visit.

We will give you your key which have been sterilised before your arrival.  Because of social distancing, we will not take you to your room (apart from luggage assistance if needed). Please only hand them back to us when you check-out.
Further sanitising points will be positioned throughout the house and you are encouraged to use them where possible.  All guests must use sanitiser prior to entering the lounge and dining room.

Public Areas

The house hallway and landings aren’t 2m wide, so we ask all guests to be courteous and check if anyone is in the corridor before coming fully out of your room.


Breakfast will be served from 8.30 until 9.45   and based on pre ordering the night before.  Sadly, we can’t offer our usual breakfast buffet, but all the items are still available but served from the kitchen.  Because of the need to offer social distancing, we will be using our guest lounge as an overflow dining area.

An assigned table will be ready for you when you come down for breakfast.  We will greet you at the door to the dining room and show you to your table.

Housekeeping and Laundry

We will carry out housekeeping by request for guests who are not checking out. We understand that since COVID-19 many guests may not want or require their rooms to be serviced during their stay.
All linen is washed off-site at 60 degrees for optimal disinfection, and returned in sealed bags for use in the hotel.

Tea and Coffee Making

All in-room facilities will be cleaned and sterilised prior to check-in.  We will put in sufficient provisions for a 2-night stay but if require any top ups, then please call down for more.


As mentioned earlier, we have now turned our guest lounge into an additional dining room, however, we have a couple of fireside chairs in there for any couples wishing to take advantage of our lounge area.  If you need drinks, then use the bell in the hall to attract our attention.

Our Gardens

We have 4 tables on the terrace, and all are separated to 2m.  We also have additional seating for any larger groups that come together from the same ‘bubble’

Call us from your room or press the hallway bell and we can take your order.  Please wait at the tables for them to be served. (wines, bar, tea & coffee)

Evening Menu

Will be served from 6-8pm and can be served either in your room, the lounge, or the gardens.  Pre-orders are essential for hot meals as we will only prepare what has been ordered.  We will need an hour’s notice.

Please note that the full menu is available 5 nights a week with two nights offering grazing platters.


Please vacate rooms by 10.30am.  If luggage assistance is required, then ring down.


Your final bill can be emailed to you and we are accepting payment by Credit Card at check-out.  We are not currently accepting cash payments.  If you wish to pay by BACS, please advise us during your stay and complete the payment prior to departure.


Our staff will be fully trained on the use of PPE and you may see us wearing gloves, aprons and masks.
Our service staff will wear a face mask whilst checking you in and during food service.  There are strict guidelines for staff hand-washing during food service rather than wearing gloves.
You may wish to bring your own PPE and use it whilst in the public areas and whilst you are out and about.

Food Safety

We are familiar with all kitchen deep cleaning protocols along with any adjustments required to be COVID-19 safe.  We currently hold an official 5-star certification for hygiene in the kitchen

Enjoying the Lakes

Many restaurants, cafes and attractions will be re-opening however, we would advise that you check in advance for pre-booking requirements.  We’re all finding our feet during these very different times so please be patient.

In our TouchStay app, there will be a list of excellent places to eat and drink.  Currently, our nearest restaurants and bars (The Lakeside Hotel and the Swan) are not serving non -residents but we will update this if the situation changes.

Remember to give space for passing other walkers/hikers on the footpaths in and around the National Park but enjoy the wonderful air and wide-open spaces!

We closed our doors here at The Knoll finally on 7th December 2021 and said goodbye to this cherished home.  

It has been a place of love, laughter and sanctuary and I have been privileged to have been its custodian for almost 21 years - a third of my life.  It’s been incredibly hard to let go as it has been more than a job and more than a home. Thank you for supporting it and me through either being amazing guests or treasured friends - in many cases both.  I particularly want to thank my wonderful team  - Cheryl Munster, Karen Robb Bellman, Helen Snowball-Brand, Ali Deeley.   But of course, The Knoll would be nothing without my fabulous sister Denise Hyde and my truly incredible partner Mosy Mac.  I’m so proud of what we did here.  The love and genuine care we afforded every single person who walked through our doors over the years has been what made us special. We have offered a port in a storm for some, a place to enjoy the Lakes for others and in the middle of this, a home for me and my nearest and dearest.  This beautiful building has been handed on with love to its lovely new family.  

We wish you all well in the future and again, thank you for supporting this wonderful place.  Should you want to keep in touch,  we still have the Knoll email address.

Warmest wishes and love always,