Local and specialist Cumbrian suppliers

We are incredibly lucky here in Cumbria to have some of the most exquisite products.

Check out some of our fantastic suppliers….

Local fresh fish from C&G Neve in Fleetwood. They have their own fleet of fishing boats and deliver pretty much daily.  We also use Cartmel Valley Smokehouse for great smoked fish.

Savin Hill is a great local farm and butchers specialising in slow growing tradional native breed pork, beef and lamb. Their animal welfare standards are exceptional. Their Cumberland sausages are just fantastic.

We also use Cumbrian Fellbred for our amazing steaks, duck and chicken and Airey’s Herdwick lamb is legendary here at the Knoll. Both are excellent butchers sourcing only from the Cumbrian Fells.

The Cartmel cheese company provide us with high quality local and regional Bristish cheeses.

Hawkshead Relish Company supply us with great jams, chutneys and relishes although we do produce many of our own jams, marmelades and chutneys. However, these products are fantastic.

Our toiletries are provided by the Bath House in Sedbergh. The products are made in Cumbria using natural and organic ingredients. It’s absolutlely wonderful and we’re thrilled with the feedback so far from our guests.

Our regular ‘staples’ come from our grocery supplier W McLure based in Windermere. A great local company providing us with local fruit and vegetables along with milk, cream yoghurt and a range of other regular items. We also use Howbarrow Farm for many other organic vegetables and fruit in season.

Lakeland Vintners supply us with a range of excellent wines and spirits, including some great artisan gins and tonics.

Our daily bread is supplied by Grange Bakery, a lovely local bakery supplying fresh bread and bakery. We do try to make our own but in honesty, Jen’s regular bread for toasting does rather fall short!!!!

We closed our doors here at The Knoll finally on 7th December 2021 and said goodbye to this cherished home.  

It has been a place of love, laughter and sanctuary and I have been privileged to have been its custodian for almost 21 years - a third of my life.  It’s been incredibly hard to let go as it has been more than a job and more than a home. Thank you for supporting it and me through either being amazing guests or treasured friends - in many cases both.  I particularly want to thank my wonderful team  - Cheryl Munster, Karen Robb Bellman, Helen Snowball-Brand, Ali Deeley.   But of course, The Knoll would be nothing without my fabulous sister Denise Hyde and my truly incredible partner Mosy Mac.  I’m so proud of what we did here.  The love and genuine care we afforded every single person who walked through our doors over the years has been what made us special. We have offered a port in a storm for some, a place to enjoy the Lakes for others and in the middle of this, a home for me and my nearest and dearest.  This beautiful building has been handed on with love to its lovely new family.  

We wish you all well in the future and again, thank you for supporting this wonderful place.  Should you want to keep in touch,  we still have the Knoll email address.

Warmest wishes and love always,